Play golf and feed fish with ECOBIOBALL

ECOBIOBALL is the first ever ecological and biodegradable golf ball to contain fish food in its core, making it perfect for playing golf close to marine environments.

ECOBIOBALL is a unique, single-use product which opens up the possibility of practicing golf on cruise ships, beaches, jetties, seafront hotels and resorts, oil rigs, boats, yachts, and near reservoirs, lakes, rivers and other marine environments.

ECOBIOBALL is 100% safe for marine flora and fauna, is manufactured using non-contaminating materials, and is certified as a biodegradable and non-toxic product. Once the ECOBIOBALL has been hit into the water, its external layer biodegrades in less than 48 hours, releasing the fish food contained in its core into the surrounding water.

ECOBIOBALL makes the ocean, the sea, rivers, lakes and ponds perfect driving ranges, creates no pollution and brings a clear added value to marine life, allowing golfers to improve the sustainability and biodiversity of the marine environment while practicing their favourite sport.

Albus Golf is a technology-based company located in Barcelona. It is dedicated to designing, producing and marketing new and innovative products with ecological and biodegradable features, for the sports, leisure and tourism markets.


Is the first and only golf ball in the world which, after being used and subsequently biodegrading, releases fish food more >>

Advantages and benefits

Companies stand to gain a variety of benefits by offering ECOBIOBALL to their customers and/or employees so they can practise golf close to marine environmentsRead More »

Eco certificates

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ECOBIOBALL can be bought in two pack formats: Case of 24 or 100 units Read more >>


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