Advantages and benefits

What are the advantages and benefits for companies offering ECOBIOBALL to their customers and/or employees?

Companies stand to gain a variety of benefits by offering ECOBIOBALL to their customers and/or employees so they can practise golf close to marine environments during their leisure time, whether on the deck of a cruise ship or merchant vessel, on a private hotel beach or on an oil rig, to give just a few examples.





Expand the offer of leisure and sports facilities



Improve customer service



Practise golf in a realistic manner (*)



Improve customer satisfaction



Introduce a unique and innovative product



Stand out from the competition




Introduce an ecological product



Underline your company’s commitment to and respect for the environment




Protect the environment in a real, efficient and effective manner



Improve the sustainability and biodiversity of the marine environment. Show social responsibility.

(*) ECOBIOBALL is the only option when it comes to practicing golf in its real form close to marine environments, because given its special features, it is the only golf ball that allows the player to:

  • play in the fresh air, not cooped up in a practice room or nets cage
  • practise their full swing
  • visualise and analyse the true full trajectory of the ball